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Take Action on Herbicide Resistant Weeds


USB on HAT-Willers

Jim WillersAs he waited for his rain-soaked fields to dry in southwestern Minnesota, all Jim Willers could do was continue to plan out what his steps this planting season would be. Some things will stay the same as previous years, such as the 50-50 rotation of corn and soybeans he plants. But other things will change, including how he handles herbicide-resistant weeds.

“We’ve been trying new things the last couple of years, different timings, chemical applications, things like that. We’re working on it,” Willers, a soy checkoff farmer-leader, explained.

When it comes to battling herbicide-resistant weeds, Willers is not alone. Herbicide-resistant weeds, which were once only a regional problem, have become a national threat. These weeds cost soybean farmers time and money.

That’s why the soy checkoff has played a leading role in establishing Take Action, an industrywide partnership to help farmers manage herbicide resistance. The Take Action effort encourages farmers to proactively develop a weed-management strategy.

For more information on how to manage weeds on your farm, visit www.TakeActionOnWeeds.com.