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Taking the Weather Risk Out of Weed Control


Taking the Weather Risk Out of Weed Control

Weather is the big unknown in farming, but new technology can help you take some of the weather risk out of your weed control program.Bayer’s Jason Manz says the reactivation technology in Bayer Crop Science products can keep your weed control program on track even if the weather turns dry, “With the power of reactivation, when you get even a half inch of rain, you can still control weeds up to an inch tall. With other products, you would have to come back with another pass to control the weeds.”

This ability, contained in Corvus and Balance Flex products, combined with a wide window of application can provide a good deal of flexibility when it comes to managing your weed control program. According to Manz, “You can apply form 30 days prior to planting up to  V2 stage.”  Last year, many producers in Indiana who opted to go with a post application program had their weed control programs interrupted by the heavy rains that came in June and July.

Manz says, as many Indiana growers discovered last year, delaying your weed control program can be costly, “A study by Iowa State showed that letting weeds  go without knock down can reduce yields by as much as 3 bpa per day.”

The power of reactivation

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