Technology Brings Safety and More to Grain Bin Operations



Coming in 2018 and exclusive to GSI is a game changing technology for moving stored grain out of the bin. FlexWave® Technology is an automated unload process that paves the way for no shoveling, sweeping or even entering the bin. As Jonathan Waits, Product Manager at The GSI Group explains, it doesn’t get any more safe or efficient.

“It cleans out the bin as close to 100% as you can get, so no more sweeping, no more shoveling grain out,” he explained.

With the FlexWave control system two inflatable liners consecutively unload over 100 tons of grain. Waits demonstrated the unload at Farm Progress Show.

“So, you hit the button there and what it’s doing is inflating the liner behind the grain there. The pressure will build up and force the material back down to the center of the bin. As that’s inflating it’s a very low pressure, less than one psi pressure to unload that grain. In the trough, you’ve just got a normal 8-inch unload auger. This will be available with pretty much any available unloading system out there.”

Sensors determine the status of the auger at all times.

“As you see it operate here you’ll notice the liner will inflate and then pause and then inflate again. What it’s doing is sensing how full the auger is and it knows if the auger is full or if it needs more grain. It will inflate if it needs more and it will stop inflating if the auger is full.”

Once FlexWave has completed the process, it resets for the next operation.

“There you go, just like that we emptied a grain bin without ever having to get in it,” he said at the demonstration conclusion. “Now what will happen is it will start to deflate and then work its way back into the original position so you’re ready to fill the bin again.”

Time-consuming and dusty work in the grain bin is over with FlexWave, and you won’t need a perforated floor. That increases capacity. It is also more reliable than current methods since there are no exposed mechanical components.