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Temperatures in the Frost and Freeze Zone Saturday Morning


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Chief Meteorologist Ryan Martin’s Planting Weather forecast calls for cold temperatures that might prove problematic this weekend for your garden. What about corn and beans?

“Temperatures are going to be down in the frost and freeze zone as we get after it on Saturday morning. We should see temperatures bounce a little bit for Sunday but we’re going to stay well below normal on our temperatures, I believe, through next Tuesday,” says Martin. “On the agronomic side, corn and beans, even if they’ve emerged, they probably will be okay as the growing point is still beneath the ground, but soil temperatures will be falling off hard here this weekend.”

Martin says moisture will be around here and there but not with very impressive totals.

“On Sunday, we’ve got scattered showers across the state, 60 percent coverage, but only a quarter of an inch or less. Next week, we probably make it all the way to Friday until we see moisture come in. Scattered showers there, anywhere from a few hundredths to half an inch but that half inch total is mostly going to be Central and Southern Indiana. We probably see Southern Indiana fare the worst here over the next 10 days.”

In Martin’s extended 11 to 16-day forecast, “I don’t think we see near as much moisture around. Now, of course, that can change. All we have to do is get more warm air/cold air battles and we’ll get more moisture going, but right now trending that extended window starting Monday the eighteenth, I think we’re going to be seeing near to slightly above normal precipitation, but not excessive.”

Martin’s forecast is brought to you by First Farmers Bank & Trust, firmly planted, here to stay, and standing with farmers in these challenging times.

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