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Temperatures Rebound Over Next Week to Ten Days


After this week’s snow event, when will it be time to get back out in the field? It’s time now for our planting weather forecast presented by Seed Genetics Direct: The Eastern Corn Belt’s fastest growing independent seed company. Visit seedgeneticsdirect.com for pricing and more information.

HAT Chief Meteorologist Ryan Martin says temperatures will rebound over the next week to 10 days. Temperatures will be near normal this weekend before a big warmup.

“As the temperatures moderate this weekend that will probably trigger a little bit of light rain across the state. I’ll say a quarter to one inch. I think those half-to-one-inch totals are going to be over the southern half of the state with quarter inch to maybe half an inch I-70 northward. We are going to see temperatures near normal Saturday, cooling off slightly on Sunday behind that rain.”

That warmup begins on Monday with above normal temperatures in Martin’s forecast. He says we could see 70s and 80s, especially Tuesday and Wednesday.

“As the temperatures climb, I think we’ll introduce a little bit of instability into the atmosphere. Now, those first three days we will see great evaporation, excellent dry down. I think we have a nice fieldwork window there that will be developing probably Tuesday, Wednesday. It really comes down to how much rain falls Saturday. But expect the cold front to come through overnight Wednesday night through Thursday. That could give us anywhere from a quarter to one inch of rain. The good news is the heavy thunderstorms get wrung out back farther west over Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, Missouri, and we go back to dry weather Friday of next week on through the weekend and probably pushing May 4th.”

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