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Terre Haute Farmer Happy with Average Crop


Terre Haute update

Brad and Amber BurbrinkAn Indiana farmer near Terre Haute who has seen his share of flooded fields over the years, considers himself lucky this year. Brad Burbrink told HAT his crops have rebounded from late starts and plenty of rain to a point where it’s looking like an average year.

“Where we’re at right now I would say we’re looking at an average crop for both corn and soybeans. The corn is pretty well far enough along.”

He said some fields have waterlogged, short, yellow corn stands that will be a drag on overall yields, but in the well-drained areas there should be some excellent yields. Soybean fields have also had a mixed year.

“Some of them took the wet weather ok and some of them really struggled. They have recovered now and they’re all green and looking better, so I guess the jury is still out on the soybean crop. But we’re starting to get a little bit dry again.”

Burbrink (pictured with wife Amber) said it’s not excessively dry yet, but it has been several weeks since the last meaningful rain and he’s hoping for those timely August rains to keep the bean crop going.

In the spring Burbrink was wondering if he was going to get a chance to start planting.

“Well from the start in April we were kind of wondering if we were going to get into the fields, and as we entered into May all of a sudden everything hit all at once,” he explained. “We went from not having anything done to being able to get almost everything planted. The first 10 days of May it was just two weeks where everything went in all at once.”

With above normal temperatures the crops emerged nicely, but by late May and early June fields were actually getting somewhat dry. Then the rains came. At first it was a good thing, and then a second and third week of constant rains sent an excellent crop moving backwards to average at best. But those rains, although constant didn’t measure up to what northern Indiana was getting.