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Texas Dem Says No USMCA Vote Until November or December


A Texas Democrat says Congress won’t consider the U.S.-Mexico-Canada agreement until November or December. Speaking at the International Sweetener Symposium, Representative Filemon Vela says he is confident a vote won’t happen in September or October, as Republicans have demanded, according to the Hagstrom Report. Vela noted there are still concerns regarding the agreement among House Democrats. Vela is chairman of the House Agriculture General Farm Commodities and Risk Management Subcommittee. While Republicans say there are enough votes to pass the agreement now, Vela disagrees. Agriculture groups have called on Congress to pass USMCA, to return some certainty to the global trade climate. Mexico has already ratified the agreement and Canada is in the process of ratifying USMCA.

Meanwhile, Republican Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa Wednesday penned an editorial promoting the agreement. Grassley says USMCA will preserve duty-free trade with Canada and Mexico, and establish stronger enforcement tools to verify origin. Grassley says he will continue to advocate for the passage of USMCA.