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Thanksgiving has been Good for Turkey Industry


Brennan on turkeys

Paul BrennanOne of the ways we celebrate thanksgiving is by having turkey on the table. For many it is a long standing tradition, a tradition that the nation’s turkey producers are very happy about, according to Paul Brennan, Executive Vice President of the Indiana State Poultry Association.

“It is a tradition that dates way back and of course the reference is always to the pilgrims, but certainly during World War II President Franklin Roosevelt had established the date of Thanksgiving. I think that really stabilized the holiday, if you will, and tied that certainly very closely with the turkey industry which has done nothing but grow significantly since that time. So it’s obviously been very valuable and important for the industry.”

And when it comes to turkey consumption today, there is no need to hold back on the healthy, protein rich holiday tradition.

“Turkey is a very healthy product, very high in protein,” Brennan told HAT. “It’s actually one of the least cost products per pound of protein and an extraordinary, inexpensive way to feed your family high quality protein. That’s the hallmark of turkey and turkey production. We grow these birds very large generally and they produce a wonderful, large cut of meat, the turkey breast.”

The turkey breast is where consumers will get the most protein according to Brennan.

“All of the other meat parts of the turkey are also high in protein but it’s very concentrated in the breast.”