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The Benefits of Indiana Farm Bureau Membership


INFB membership benefits

Chelsea PoeMembership in Indiana Farm Bureau offers many benefits but the main focus is to support the farmers of the Hoosier state. Chelsea Poe, Membership Sales and Marketing Coordinator explains.

“We’re an organization that works to protect farmers’ lives, land, animals and crops, and you may think that as a farmer you don’t need to be a part of a membership organization. But with our membership organization we do a lot of different things. Membership helps Indiana Farm Bureau fund all of our activities that we do at the statehouse with our lobbyists. We’re there at the statehouse every day during session talking about farmland, property rights and taxes, water issues, road funding, and annexation, just to name a few. We also put on educational and leadership programs throughout the year. We give out scholarships and then there are other activities that are going on locally right in farmer’s backyard.”

The very robust Indiana Farm Bureau lobbying effort also depends on farmer input from all over the state.

“We would love to have all 92 counties represent themselves at the statehouse and talk to their legislators about what’s going on directly in their community because it’s their constituents that are talking at that point in time and letting them know what kind of issues they’re having that have to do with farmers throughout the state and specifically locally. So between our county leaders that are there speaking to those legislators directly along with our lobbyists who work for Indiana Farm Bureau, I think we have a really good impact that we make at the statehouse. They always know that we are there and speaking up for what we’re doing and making sure that we can continue to farm in the future.”

And then there are the benefits outside of supporting farmers and farming.

INFB Find Your Voice“Our #1 benefit is being able to receive Indiana Farm Bureau insurance if you’re interested,” Poe said. “And then we also offer discounts and services on a variety of things from vehicles to health and wellness deals. I encourage anyone who works in agriculture or works in the field, or just love to support the farmers that grow your food, to join Indiana Farm Bureau.”

You can become a member by visiting the website, www.infb.org and joining online.