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The Indiana Soybean Harvest Moves Into High Gear


 The Indiana Soybean Harvest Moves Into High Gear


A weekend of dry weather allowed harvest to resume in many areas of the state. In Central Indiana, the focus is on soybeans according to Jeff Tacheny, with DuPont Pioneer, “Growers have been dodging the rain harvesting corn and trying to let the soybeans stay in the field a bit longer, but this weekend we had some good weather and the switch over started with many soybean fields being worked.”  He estimated that, in his area, about 30% of the soybeans had been harvested; while NASS reported on Monday that statewide the soybean harvest stood at 50%.


Tacheny reported that soybean yields are quite variable in the Wabash, Miami, and Whitley County area, “We have seen yields from 50bpa to 70 bpa.”  He added this part of the state received very little rain during July, so some fields just did not develop well. “We did have a plot just South of Peru that yielded 70bpa, and that was outstanding,” he stated.


Pioneer offered several new Soybean varieties in 2014. According to Tachney, many of them did quite well, “33P01 and 33P72 have done outstanding in the small plots.”  More yield and agronomic information is available from Pioneer on the agronomy page.