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The Next Big Thing is Very Small


The Next Big Thing is Very Small

The next big thing in driving yields is biological products. Brent Craig, with Monsanto, says this is the next big breakthrough, “We view this as a next step platform for the industry.” He added Monsanto, along with most other major ag companies, are making investments into developing new biological products.

The key to maximizing the impact of this new technology is knowing how to use it. Craig says the key is to combine biological products with the right seed genetics and chemical fungicide, “It is a challenge for us to figure out which products work best together and then to educate farmers and ag retailers.” Monsanto has set up a whole new division called Seed Applied Solutions to help figure out how to use this new technology to its greatest potential.

Education — knowing how, what, and when to use these products — will be the key. “We are already seeing yield increases of 2 to 3 bpa with these biologicals,” he stated. “We believe we are going to be able to push that envelope significantly higher in the future.” He added that this is a major focus for Monsanto going forward.