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The RFS is a Vital Issue in the 2016 Campaign


The renewable fuels and agriculture community along with its leaders released a public letter to allies outlining a united stand with America’s Renewable Future (ARF) to protect the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) in the 2016 election. ARF released a report card grading the presidential field recently, which is endorsed by the undersigned organizations.

The letter urges Iowa voters to turn to ARF to know where candidates stand on the RFS and designates the organization as the definitive voice on the issue. This letter comes as Sen. Ted Cruz has recently attempted to confuse Iowa voters on his position on renewable fuels and the RFS. ARF will continue letting Iowans know that despite his change in tone Cruz is still anti-RFS and will destroy Iowa’s agricultural economy and Iowa farmers.

The letter is signed by the following leaders:

Tom Buis, CEO – Growth Energy

Bob Hemesath, President – Iowa Corn Growers Association

Tom Brooks, President – Iowa Renewable Fuels Association

Jeff Broin, CEO – POET Biorefining

Bob Dineen, President & CEO – Renewable Fuels Association

Wayne Fredricks, President – Iowa Soybean Association

Joe Hrdlicka, Executive Director – Iowa Biotech Association

Grant Kimberly, Executive Director – Iowa Biodiesel Board

Will Rogers, Director of Government Affairs – Iowa-Nebraska Equipment Dealers

Bruce Rastetter, CEO – Summit Agricultural Group

Brian Jennings, Executive Vice President – American Coalition for Ethanol