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Thinking About 2022 and Beyond


Harvest progress continues this week with nice, dry weather in the forecast for the foreseeable future. Natasha Cox, Regional Vice President for Farm Credit Mid-America, says we had a great planting season for the most part across Indiana and somewhat ideal conditions throughout the growing season on her farm in Benton County.

“We hit a dry spot, as we know, and we’ve had some disease pressures, but we’ve really been able to get out into the field early this year. What we’re hearing across the board is decent yields and dry crops.”

Even though the focus right now is on harvest, Cox encourages producers to be thinking ahead about 2022 and beyond.

“When we think about crops right now, we’re not only pricing 2022 crop, but we’re thinking about, and have already in some cases secured, inputs for 2022. So, we’re just going to encourage the producers that we work with and other producers out there to continue to be aware of movements in input costs, including keeping your eye on fertilizer prices as we look at the global markets and some of the supply chain disruptions that we’re seeing out there. Interest rates remain relatively low, so that’s one good thing for producers to look at. But, really, looking out into the next two crop years, margin continues to get pinched pretty quick. So, while things look great in agriculture today, it’s always important to be apprised of the situation that we have at hand understand that we need to be thinking ahead.”