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Time to Close the Book on Corn


Time to Close the Book on Corn

The Monday crop update put Indiana corn at 84% planted with 61% emerged. Nationally, U.S. corn planting sits at 92%. Soybeans are 64% planted in Indiana with 38% emerged and 77% planted nationally.

For many corn growers, however, planting season is over. While 16% of Indiana corn remains unplanted, for many growers, especially in Southern Indiana, it is time to put the corn planter away. According to Ben Jacob, with Pioneer, “There are many growers who have just closed the book on corn planting for this year.” He added that there is still time to plant soybeans, “We can still plant soybeans, but, with the forecast of rain almost every day for the next week, I am not sure when they are going to have a chance.”

According to Jacob, the 4 – 5 inch rains that hit many areas this weekend will likely take their toll on what has been planted in June. “The heavy rains are going to cause a lot of crusting for soybeans that are still not emerged,” he stated. “For crops that are up, both corn and soybeans are hardy plants and can stand up to 48 hours under water.”  The USDA puts 50% of Indiana corn in good to excellent condition, a decline from last week.

Another concern is for those fields that will survive is how we maximize the yield that is out there. Jacob said, “Many growers are asking about their nitrogen levels and what they should do to help yields as much as they can.” He says the Encirca Nitrogen tool may come in handy this year, as it can help growers determine what they need to do given the stands they have and the rain they have received.