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Time is Running Out for Congress to Act on GMO Labels


The Senate has just four working days on the calendar between now and July 1, the date the Vermont GMO labeling law goes into effect, to reach a compromise on a national GMO labeling law. That makes Friday, June 24, the last day to get legislation to President Barack Obama’s desk to beat Vermont. The House will go on recess on the 24th and not be available to consider any bills passed by the Senate. Meanwhile, Senate Agriculture Committee Chairman Pat Roberts continually insists that negotiations are ongoing. The committee’s ranking member, Senator Debbie Stabenow, is demanding a mandatory labeling agreement. The biggest sticking point appears now to be how the label will be presented to the consumer.

The Coalition for Safe Affordable Food, which previously opposed a mandatory label, now says a smart label directing consumers to more information would be acceptable, but on-package GMO labeling would not be acceptable. The coalition represents 43 national farm groups and countless state organizations.

Source: NAFB News Service