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Time Nears to Put Dicamba Training Efforts to Work



The critical year for dicamba herbicides is upon us, and training and planning is what many farmers and applicators have been doing to prepare for the season. That’s exactly the advice that industry representatives have been passing along all winter, including Chad Asmus with BASF, makers of Engenia herbicide for dicamba tolerant soybeans.

“Visit with your retailer if you’re having it commercially applied or if you’re applying it yourself,” he says. “There are very specific label requirements to know how to properly apply it, and have a plan. Know where the approved dicamba formulation is going to fit into that system. Are you going to use it pre-plant, pre-emerge, are you going to post it? Have a good plan in place.”

He adds the plan should be proactive, and Engenia, as part of the dicamba tolerant system should not be used in a reactive or rescue situation.

“So put your good residual down if you’re going to use as pre-plant or pre-emerge, use it in that fashion and a have a good post-emerge plan, and don’t get yourself boxed into a corner where all of a sudden you’ve got these weed escapes. Now what do I do when it’s forecasted rain and wind. So, have a plan in place all the way around.”

Indiana is a good example of the busy training season across the Corn Belt. Earlier this month the Office of Indiana State Chemist reported nearly 150 training sessions and approximately 4,000 attendees, far and away a record number of both trainings and trainees. The industry is making a concerted effort to make it a successful year for those using dicamba.

“We are pleased that the applicator training is now a part of the restricted use pesticide designation because understanding the why behind the how to properly apply Engenia is important to successful applications.”

Also, BASF has a stewardship portal for growers and applicators seeking helpful tools. Visit https://www.engeniastewardship.com/#/.

Asmus is a Technical Marketing Manager for BASF U.S. Crop Protection.