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Time to Apply for WHIP+ for 88 Indiana Counties


The WHIP+ program was originally created to assist with hurricane or wildfire relief. However, Indiana Farm Service Agency Executive Director Steve Brown says changes to the program have made it available to Indiana farmers.

“Our next major task is the WHIP+ program. We didn’t have a lot of activity in that program, but earlier in the year they made excessive moisture a qualifying factor. Last year in Indiana, we had 88 counties designated for disaster due to excessive moisture, so we’ve got a lot of activity yet to do.”

Questions about WHIP+ should be directed to your county FSA office, some of which are now able to see producers in person if you’ve made an appointment. You should call your local office prior to a visit.

Brown says FSA employees are ready for your calls and the work they’ve done during the COVID-19 pandemic has been remarkable.

“You know, we are a customer facing agency and we really had to become creative. If you go out and look at some of our county offices and take pictures of what they’re doing, we’ve got desks sitting outside offices, we’ve got windows open where they put stuff in, it’s just amazing how they’ve been able to work and get producers served. Our producers have been great helping us too.”

Visitors to FSA offices will be pre-screened based on health concerns or recent travel and must adhere to social distancing guidelines. You may also be required to wear a face covering during your appointment.