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Time to Start Fall Fertilizer Application


With harvest close to completion in Indiana and much of the Corn Belt, growers are beginning field prep for the 2017 growing season. TC Hoffman, with DuPont Pioneer, says getting you soil PH adjusted is a good first step, “Start with adjusting your PH, and then move on to P and K.” He recommends fall application of lime to help avoid soil compaction, “These lime trucks are heavy and the ground is firmer in the fall.”

Hoffman says so far our weather forecast looks conducive to getting a good deal of fall work done, “The problem is our soil temperatures are still too warm for fall application of anhydrous. If you apply with soil temperatures over 50 degrees, you run the risk of problems down the line.”

Hoffman urges growers to closely evaluate their nitrogen loss this year and to use tools, like Encirca, to get recommendations on proper levels going forward. Listen to the complete report from DuPont Pioneer under the crops tab on our web site.