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Timely Rains Lead to Excellent Crop Conditions for Most of Indiana


Timely rains across most of the state have crops looking really good. Kendell Culp farms in Rensselaer and says they’re, “Finally starting to get some rain in northwest Indiana, some timely rains. It’s really helping both the corn and the soybean crop. They actually are looking pretty good right now, and those that wanted to apply fungicide, I think they pretty well got those on.”

Indiana Farm Bureau President Randy Kron farms in Southwest Indiana near Evansville and it’s a similar story.

“I don’t want to jinx anything here but we feel pretty good about our crop. We’ve been pretty blessed. Last year was probably the worst crop we’ve had in 30+ years with all the rain. This year, things look well. We went through a short dry spell in late June/early July but since then we’ve been getting timely rains. The scouting that I’ve done and my son has done, it looks really, really good. So, knock on wood. Don’t want to jinx anything.”

Lafayette farmer Alan Kemper said his crops look, “Scary, really good. I mean, it looks good throughout all the Midwest.”

Well, maybe not the entire Midwest. Tom Griffiths farms near Kendallville in northeast Indiana and he hasn’t seen the same timely rains as the rest of the state.

“We just got a little over an inch the entire month of July; however, my crop seems to be doing amazingly well for the lack of rain. But you go just south of my house three miles and you can see the lack of rains had a tremendous effect on crops as far as condition goes, which is poor.”

Griffiths added that it’s been a tough year for hay due to the lack of rain.