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Too Wet to Plant, Too Wet to Re-Plant


Too Wet to Plant, Too Wet to Re-Plant;

Dan Emmert

Another weekend of rain means another week of delays in planting and re-planting. Rain totals ranged from 2 inches in some areas up to 7 inches in SE Indiana. Dan Emmert, with DuPont Pioneer, says the early planted corn is in good shape in SW Indiana running in the V6 range, but much of the later planted corn will have to be replanted, “There has been a lot of replanting taking place over the past week.”

Emmert says the key thing to keep in mind when making that replant decision is plant population, “If you have 100,000 plants per acre, then we are recommending that field be left alone.” He added, in the case of soybeans, even if the stand is only 70,000 plants per acre, that field will yield okay. If that figure falls below 60,000, then he recommends thickening up the stand, “I would add another 60,000 seeds per acre to thicken up that existing stand.”  In corn, however, all existing plants need to be removed before re-planting.

The river bottoms in SW Indiana remain too wet to work, and Emmert says it may be well into June before they are dry enough. He expressed concern that heavy rains this weekend in Northern Indiana may send more water down river and exacerbate the situation in SW Indiana. He noted the excess moisture is also causing disease issues in the wheat crop.

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