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Tool Helps Determine Most Profitable Crop Delivery Option


Tool Help Determine Most Profitable Crop Delivery Option

As combines begin to roll, tighter budgets are on the minds of farmers heading into fall. One way you can minimize expenses is by delivering soybeans in the most cost-efficient way possible.

A calculator from the Soy Transportation Coalition allows farmers to see how transportation costs play a role in the net profit for your crop.  The Coalition’s executive director, Mike Steenhoek, says the calculator helps you determine which delivery location is best for your bottom line, “This tool will help farmers decide if their local elevator or a processor 45 miles away is the best option for delivering their crop.”  The tool was designed for soybeans but will work for any crop, he added.

The checkoff-funded calculator is designed to work for any agricultural commodity. At no cost, and in just a few short steps, you can determine the most profitable delivery option. “You can’t just focus on the price being offered you also have to take into account the cost associated with that delivery,” he stated. “Because the goal is not just to maximize revenue but to maximize profitability.”

The online calculator is also now available as in app for both iPhone and Android devices, enabling farmers to access and use the calculator remotely.

Farmers can find the online calculator at www.SoyTranportation.org.