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My Top Ten Farm Data Articles


I’ve been writing about the legal issues surrounding farm data for a few years now. Quite simply, farm data is the most exciting subject I’ve encountered in more than a dozen years practicing law. A farmer’s ability to collect, share, and analyze data has tremendous potential to improve farming in the next decade. As a farm kid turned-lawyer, I see my role in agriculture’s big data revolution to push farmers to think about legal issues they may not have considered, and to push ag technology providers to rethink traditional legal frameworks that apply to data in other industries. Farming is different. That’s why I keep writing.
For new followers of the Janzen Ag Law blog, here are ten of my most widely read articles on agriculture’s “big data”:

1. Before you Click “Accept,” Read Your Farm Data Privacy Policy.
2. Privacy and Security Principles for Farm Data.
3. Defining Big Data in Agriculture.
4. Does Your Lease Address Farm Data?
5. Co-Ops: Are You Addressing Farm Data in Your Contracts?
6. What Agriculture Can Learn from Medical Data Privacy Laws.
7. Is Your Farm Data a Trade Secret?
8. What Makes Agronomic Data Different from Other Forms of Intellectual Property?
9. Are We Ready for Autonomous Tractors?
10. Agriculture’s Junk Data Problem.