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When Tough Weather Hits Crops, Modern Genetics Helps Them Perform



Will the 2020 crop season shape up like last year? It would be quite a stretch to think the elements could stoop to that level a second year in a row.

“I’ve been in the industry 35 years and my dad is 86,” says John Kermicle, Brand Manager for AgriGold. “He kept comparing last year to other years and finally said, ‘John, there hasn’t been any other year like 2019.’ So, it was the worst.”

Kermicle was in Texas last week at the company’s Commodity Classic trade show booth. He told HAT the advances in seed and seed treatments continue to benefit farmers in good conditions and bad.

“In general, corn yields were pretty good again,” he said. “Some areas were off, but truly today’s genetics with the treatments that we have today, it’s not like the 1980’s or early 2000’s. They can handle an amazing amount of weather and still do pretty well.”

In presentations at the AgriGold booth, Kermicle touted their customers’ success in the most recent corn yield contest. The contest, he says, is another important tool for corn growers.

“We want to help growers grow more corn. That’s why we’re in business. So, the contest really helps growers think outside the box, and then how can we take these learnings and apply it across whole farm operations? That’s kind of our approach.”

He says there are several new products in the 2020 lineup.

“We have a really strong research program and the first time we see some of our products are as conventionals. We’re introducing eight new conventionals that will then have traits a year of two after that.”

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