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Trade Tariffs Not Impacting Propane Prices


The U.S.-China trade war is impacting many markets and parts of the U.S. economy, but the propane sector is not one of them. The U.S. is the world’s largest producer of propane and had been an exporter of propane gas to China. That is no longer the case with tariffs in place. Yet, exports remain strong, says Dennis St. Aubin of CHS Propane, “Since the tariffs went into effect, our propane exports have had to find other destinations in the world; but they have been doing that.”

Unlike other markets that have been impacted by the trade dispute, Aubin says propane prices are expected to remain stable.

”I don’t see prices going down. We have a little fluctuation but no major changes over what it has been year to year.” He urges farmers and rural residents to fill up as we move into winter but stresses there is not a shortage.

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