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Two Hoosier Livestock Lifers Inducted



Two more Hoosiers were inducted into the Indiana Livestock Breeders Association Hall of Fame this month. Inductees are involved in animal science and are recognized for significant contributions or attained outstanding achievements in the livestock industry. Ruth Watson from Mooresville joins the Hall. She and her husband and family raise Hampshire hogs. Tom Farrer is the other inductee. He is from Royal Center in Cass County.

“I guess you would call it an honor, and yet when you say that you try to catch yourself, and we both understand all of our lives we’ve kind of been climbing,” he said. “You try to get to somewhere and I guess it shows that some like-minded people feel that you’ve accomplished some things, but at the same time I can remember some of the good things but I’ve had a lot of challenges over all of the years raising hogs and cattle. But, it’s been my life and I’ve enjoyed it a great deal.”

Farrer has never been away from livestock, even in his travels all across the country.

“I’ve judged in 26 states and Canada, judging swine and beef cattle. The good news with that is you get to meet people from different states and understand they’re like-minded and fun to be around. The young people are outstanding throughout our country and it’s the positive things. Plus, it also allows me to constantly evaluate livestock and that’s what I’ve enjoyed my entire life, trying to breed the next generation a little better.”

Farrer and his family operate Farrer Stock Farms. He and Watson were recognized during the Grand Drive at the 2018 Indiana State Fair.