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Two Weeks of Unsettled Weather to Impact Planting Windows


Planting operations may be hit by the pause button in the coming week as unsettled weather patterns persist. This planting weather forecast is presented by Seed Genetics Direct, the Eastern Corn Belt’s fastest growing independent seed company. Visit seedgeneticsdirect.com for pricing and more information.

HAT Chief Meteorologist Ryan Martin says “early in the week, Monday, Tuesday, maybe even starting as soon as Sunday night, we’re going to be seeing rain showers work through, a half to 1 ½ inches out of that round. If thunderstorms are present we’ll see the upper end of the range. And then overnight Tuesday and into Wednesday we can see a second little wave of moisture that can bring a quarter to ¾ of an inch. So, plenty of moisture around as we kick off next week.”

Martin says behind those rains is an attempt at drier weather although it also brings unsettled conditions.

“Cooler Canadian weather is sagging southward across the Great Lakes as we move through the second half of next week, and as that cool air interacts down here, I think we’re going to be seeing a little bit of cloud cover and we also can squeeze out some hit and miss scattered showers,” he explained. “I don’t think we have coverage any better than about 30 percent for the Wednesday, Thursday, Friday time frame, but we are going to be seeing more clouds, and we can’t rule out the moisture, ¼ of an inch or less generally, but what that means is we are not drying if more moisture is falling.”

So dry down will be a hurdle, and in the extended outlook more of the same could be materializing, even with a drier weekend a week from now.

“But then the following week, I just can’t rule out at least one round of showers in there, so we’re going to start to talk about whether we see any significant dry windows of opportunity. That’s going to be the talking point as we head toward mid-May,” Martin said.

The planting weather forecast is also brought to you by the Indiana Corn Marketing Council and Indiana Soybean Alliance.