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U.N. says Half the World to Face Water Stress by 2030


A report by the United Nations Environment Program says almost half of the world’s population will suffer severe water stress by 2030. A new report by the program finds that, as the global population rises, increased urbanization, climate change, and a shift in how food is consumed are likely to increase future demand for water. Under current trends, demand for water will exceed supply by 40 percent in 2030, forcing governments to spend $200 billion per year on upstream water supply as demand outstrips cheaper forms of supply. The report mentions that the agricultural sector accounts for 70 percent of all global freshwater withdrawals. As the global population increases, the report says agriculture will exert growing pressure on water resources. The report recommends more investment in research and development to improve technology that reduces water waste, building sustainable infrastructure to improve water efficiency, and introducing new policies to curb demand and pollution.

Source: NAFB News Service