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U.S. Agriculture Supports Action Against EU Ban on American Beef


Agriculture groups and lawmakers representing the Senate Agriculture Committee applauded a move by the U.S. Trade Representative against the European Union over discriminatory trade practices against U.S. beef imports. At the request of U.S. beef producers, the USTR office announced it would start the process of reinstating retaliatory tariffs on goods and products from the EU due to its unfair treatment of U.S. beef. In 2009, the U.S. and the EU signed a memo under which the EU agreed to create a new duty-free quota for imports of specially-produced beef to compensate the United States for losses arising from the EU’s ban on the use of hormones in beef production. Imports under the quota have grown steadily since then, and for the past two years, the entire 45,000 metric ton quota has been filled, though from countries other than the United States. National Cattlemen’s Beef Association President Tracy Brunner said the EU “has left us no choice but to seek compensation.”

Senate Agriculture Committee Chairman Pat Roberts said the EU practices established “non-science based barrier to trade.” Roberts said the U.S. government must act, and applauded the USTR for taking the step towards tariffs.

Source: NAFB News Service