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U.S. Raising Tariffs on Certain European Imports


The U.S. government says it will raise tariffs on certain products coming into the country from the European Union. Reuters reports that those products include wines from France and Germany, as well as aircraft components.

It’s the latest move in a longtime battle between Washington and Brussels over aircraft subsidies. The Office of the U.S. Trade Representative says it is adding tariffs on aircraft manufacturing parts and certain non-sparkling wines and other liquors from France and Germany.

According to a news release from the USTR, there was no specific date when the tariffs would go into effect, but did say details are forthcoming.

The move comes as the two sides continue to negotiate a deal to end European subsidies to Airbus SE and American subsidies to plane manufacturer Boeing.

The U.S. Wine Trade Alliance issued a release saying the action would cause further hardship for U.S. companies already hard-hit by previous tariffs and urged President-elect Biden to reverse course.

“This action is a body blow for American companies,” the release said. “U.S. restaurants and small businesses are already struggling to survive, and this decision will only destroy more jobs.”

Officials from the EU and Airbus weren’t available for comment.