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U.S. Soy Needs Reliable Infrastructure


Kavazanjian on infrastructure

Nancy Kavazanjian-15Recently, the soy checkoff announced that the United States exported more than 2.3 billion bushels of U.S. soy, valued at more than $27 billion. But without a strong, reliable transportation system, moving U.S. soybeans and other crops to international customers would be much more difficult, if not impossible. That’s according to Wisconsin soybean farmer and soy checkoff farmer-leader Nancy Kavazanjian.

“We have to move our product,” she explained. “We live in an international market, we have a world market for our soybeans, and we have to get them from the farm to the elevators then to all our markets overseas. So if we don’t have good infrastructure, we can’t get them there.”

The U.S. transportation infrastructure is the best in the world, but still requires maintenance and repair in order to maintain that competitive advantage. International soy buyers often say that predictability of delivery is just as important to them as price.

For more information on the importance of reliable infrastructure to the U.S. soybean and ag industries, visit WWW.UNITEDSOYBEAN.ORG.