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Update on Wheat Harvest and Double Crop Soybeans


The Indiana wheat harvest is nearing completion; and, right behind the combine, are planters for double crop soybeans.

Wheat yield numbers in Southern Indiana are proving to be highly variable. Agronomist Brian Bush says the early May freeze has resulted in big yield cuts in some areas.

“I have some growers reporting 40 bpa yields, very disappointing. Down the road, however, there are some yields at 90 bpa. I had one farmer tell me this was the best wheat crop he had ever grown.”

The difference depends on what stage the crop was in when temperatures dropped into the mid-20s in early May.

It is a tradition in Southern Indiana to plant soybeans after wheat; but, with a hot dry July in store, Bush warns germinating those seeds could be an issue. He recommends planting deeper.

“Those seeds will need some moisture to germinate. By planting a little deeper, you can get them closer to the moisture.”

He adds that it makes no sense to plant in the dust and to just wait for a rain.

Bush notes the E3 soybeans from Pioneer are doing very well.

“We are seeing many growers having good results with the Enlist system. It provides some good late season weed control in double crop soybeans.”