USDA projects the U.S. will produce its largest corn crop ever this year – but the U.S. Grains Council notes Argentina, Mexico and Serbia are also increasing their production. The top four corn exporting countries are the U.S., Argentina, Brazil and Ukraine. These competitors are projected to produce 11-percent of world corn – yet they are expected to provide about 40-percent of world exports. The U.S. is projected to produce about 30-percent of world corn and provide 35-percent of world exports. Bottom line – according to Council Chair Ron Gray – the growing market for U.S. corn exports is global.

Gray says U.S. competitors are positioned to meet global demand if the U.S. doesn’t focus on its international customers. He says one way to do that is by creating barrier-free, open trade with overseas buyers. The Council sees the Trans-Pacific Partnership and Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership as critical to U.S. agriculture’s future profitability.