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USB Board Member Talks Up Indiana at Farm Progress Show



David Hartke-USBThe Farm Progress Show is all about equipment and technology, but farmers are also benefiting from the flow of ideas and information. At the United Soybean Board tent board members are reaching out to the farmers paying into the soybean checkoff, and they’re highlighting two initiatives where Indiana is a leader, high oleic soybeans and aquaculture.

Illinois farmer and USB board member David Hartke says that’s an industry that hasn’t taken off yet in his state.

“We did have an aquaculture group in the southern part of the state,” he told HAT. “I guess market conditions weren’t correct about 10 years ago. There is a little bit here and there in the state but nothing like Indiana is seeing. I Farm Progress 2013guess I could say the producers of Indiana I’m very envious of your business environment. Indiana, hats off to those guys. They’ve done a great job.”

USB is promoting the story of aquaculture and soy meal in fish diets as another market for soybean growers.

The high oleic beans are another priority.

“In Indiana, the eastern side of the state, there are a lot of high oleic varieties coming in. Pioneer has got one this year. Monsanto is going to have one available this next year. It is so important for producers to take advantage of raising those high oleic beans because we’re not in competition with the soybean growers on the western side of the soybean area, we’re in competition with palm, and sunflower, and canola and corn. We’ve got to have a healthier oil, a better frying oil, and we’ve just got to maintain our oil market because, remember, 20 percent of that bean goes to the oil.”

Hartke is chairman of the Audit and Evaluation committee. Learn more about the work they do in the HAT interview:David Hartke-USB