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USB Salutes Father of Green Revolution


USB Borlaug

borlaug statueAs national agriculture day was celebrated recently, there was also a celebration of the work of Dr. Norman Borlaug. Dubbed “the Father of the Green Revolution,” Borlaug has been credited with saving billions of lives through increasing Mexican wheat yields by using biotechnology. Borlaug was one of only seven people in the world to win the Nobel Prize, presidential Medal of Freedom and congressional gold medal.

Past United Soybean Board chairman Chuck Myers from Nebraska had an opportunity to interview Borlaug in what is believed to be Borlaug’s last interview before he passed away in 2009. Myers says farmers’ acceptance of biotechnology is helping carry out Borlaug’s legacy.

“He saw it as the tool that it is to help improve yields and become a possible solution to problems around the world, problems with insects and pests and drought,” Myers said.

A statue of Borlaug was unveiled on March 25th in the national statuary hall of the U.S. Capitol on what would have been his 100th birthday.

For more information on how biotech helps farmers meet the world’s needs, visit the United Soybean Board at www.unitedsoybean.org.