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Using Enlist E3 Soybeans as Part of a Weed Control System


Using Enlist E3 Soybeans as Part of a Weed Control System

Corteva Agriscience is in the process of ramping up Enlist E3 soybeans to bring greater choice and value to growers.

Enlist E3 soybeans are tolerant to 2,4-D choline, glyphosate and glufosinate herbicides. Josh Wilson, new technology specialist with Corteva, says the Enlist line focuses on preserving the longevity of a good weed control system.

“Enlist bought us the ability to control resistant and other tough to control broadleaf weeds where we haven’t had that option the past few years,” said Wilson. “It’s very unique for us, and it has a lot of flexibility.”

The weed bank is pretty full, so having that flexibility is important. Wilson says this is another tool farmers can have at the ready.

“We want to steward the product because we want as much longevity as we can get out of every chemistry that we use nowadays,” he said. “A lot of that is going to go back to Weed Management 101 starting with practices from a burn down standpoint, plant residuals, and residuals in-crop to go along with those post-emergent applications of the Enlist system.”

The ability to tank mix with glyphosate-containing products and AMS is another important feature with the Enlist program.

“With Liberty and Enlist tank mix, you’ve got two effective means of post-emerge control—it actually takes the pressure off one particular mode of action,” said Wilson. “It’s a great stewardship for both chemistries. That tank mix is superior when it comes to managing tough to control weeds like water hemp, Palmer amaranth—some of those problem weeds we think about on a day-to-day basis.”

Corteva is looking at up to 20 percent market share with E3. For more information on Enlist, visit Enlist.com/