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Variety in FFA State Officers’ Backgrounds and Futures


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Sarah DirksenThe current crop of Indiana State FFA officers comes from a variety of backgrounds, and some have farming in their past and their future. Sarah Dirksen is the State Sentinel and she has been close to agriculture all her life.

“I grew up on a big dairy farm in Winchester, Indiana,” she told HAT, “so my entire life I’ve spent helping out on the farm doing anything and everything. Once I’m finished with this year I plan to attend Purdue University and major with a degree in either agriculture education or ag communications.”

Cameron FrazierShe adds she is a people person and would rather advocate for agriculture than be back with the animals.

Cameron Frazier State FFA Treasurer is on the flip side of that and hopes to share his story.

“I just really want to talk to as many members as I can about not coming from an ag background because I am from a small town but never had livestock or lived on a farm.

So it’s really cool that I didn’t do that but am still in the spot I am today.”

Shelby SigmanHe will attend Purdue in hopes of becoming an ag teacher and FFA advisor.

Shelby Sigman State FFA Reporter will study crop science at Purdue but during her officer year she hopes to personally touch just one FFA student.

“I know our team really wants to increase the membership of the Indiana FFA. Eleven thousand is our goal and we’re really going to push that, but my own personal goal is Ethan McNeelyreally just to get to know members and if I just have an impact in one person’s life that will make me happy.”

Ethan McNeely FFA Southern Region Vice President learned something about himself as soon as the state fair started.

“Coming in as an FFA state officer I didn’t think I liked kids too much, but after my time at state fair I loved spending time with the kids at the back corner at the coloring stations or the playground. They all enjoyed the pavilion and loved learning about everything we have to offer.

He will attend Purdue and hopes lobbying for ag legislation is in his future.

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