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Verdesian Named Exclusive Midwest Distributor of Cytozyme’s SEED+™ Dry and CROP+™


Cytozyme Laboratories, Inc. (“Cytozyme”) and Verdesian Life Sciences (“Verdesian”) recently announced that Verdesian has become the exclusive Midwest distributor of SEED+™ DRY and CROP+™.

SEED+™ DRY and CROP+™ have now become key products in Verdesian’s line of Nutrient Use Efficiency (NUE™) technologies in the Midwest region. Cytozyme’s biologically derived nutritional seed treatment, SEED+™ DRY, is designed to improve seedling vigor, increase root and shoot mass and reduce the impact of abiotic stress on the seedling, leading to uniform emergence and higher yields. Cytozyme’s CROP+™ is a foliar nutritional supplement that is designed to stimulate the plant’s metabolism for improved activity and growth, offsetting the effects of abiotic stress at critical stages of phenological development.

“Cytozyme is committed to helping farmers achieve sustainable yield and quality through high performance crop solutions,” said Eric Baughman, CEO of Cytozyme. “Verdesian has a strategic vision that aligns with our own and we’re looking forward to together delivering significant value for farmers that will not only improve their sustainability efforts, but their profitability as well.”

“We are pleased to partner with a company like Cytozyme,” said Kenneth Avery, CEO of Verdesian Life Sciences. “Cytozyme boasts more than 40 years of proven technologies in biologicals. We firmly believe that this partnership is a natural fit for our two companies. There is no doubt that this agreement means a stronger emphasis on providing growers the tools they need for sustainable production.”

With volatility in the market and an ever-increasing demand on U.S. farmers for improved yield, SEED+™ DRY and CROP+™ offer reliable and affordable solutions for Midwest growers to meet various challenges – including overcoming abiotic stress due to changing weather conditions. Just this year, cold temperatures and storms led to delayed planting while current high temperatures and drought conditions are threatening yields.

Supported by decades of data and research, the technology in SEED+™ DRY and CROP+™ will increase metabolic activity supporting antioxidant activity, photosynthesis, nutrient uptake and other activity in plants that are critical to ensuring optimal performance so that growers protect their yield investment.

Started in 2012, Verdesian’s NUE™ products are aimed at sustainable production for row and specialty crop producers, as well as turf and ornamentals.

“This partnership will unite two complementary, science-driven companies in order to best serve the U.S. farmer,” said Francisco Manzano, managing director of sales and marketing at Cytozyme. “Verdesian’s commitment to developing products that balance nutrient uptake and boost plant metabolism aligns with our core values, and we’re proud to partner with them on this new collaboration that will leverage both companies’ strengths.”

Rick Riegner, vice president of business development and strategic accounts at Verdesian, added, “Combining our strengths in sustainable solutions that improve nutrient efficiency, plant performance and yield will enable both Cytozyme and Verdesian to deliver substantial value to our customers. We’re excited to join forces with Cytozyme and grow our partnership in the years to come.”

Source: Cytozyme and Verdesian Press Release