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Very Consistent Bean Yields in Tipton County


Hussey beans complete

Harvested corn-13Halloween rains have put a pause on Indiana corn harvest this week, and for one southwest Indiana farmer it came with only 50 acres remaining. A couple of farmers in that part of the state told HAT this week they’re very happy with yields. John Hussey in north-central Indiana is happy too.

John Hussey-CC13“We’re 3/4ths through harvest and we’ve got our beans all in,” he told HAT. “We are maybe just a tick over halfway through corn harvest right now and the crop is good so far. We’ve not had any letdowns in any of our crops.”

Hussy farms in Tipton County where soybean yields were more than acceptable and very consistent this year.

“We just continually ran in that 65 bushel area and it was kind of strange in a way because ordinarily you will get several bushels fluctuation from variety to variety, but this year basically everything just stayed in the same area. Some of our later beans did not mature properly due to the weather I’m sure.”

One or two decent rains in August would have helped with bean maturity, and Hussey believes that would have led to another 4-5 bushels per acre in yield.

And “great” is the word he uses for those corn yields.

“I’m very surprised that we’re getting the yields we’re getting, but we’re having good yields and every field we go to is another field of good corn. Now our moisture is running more than I thought it would.”

The moisture levels have ranged from 20-23 percent, not as dry as Hussey had expected. Hear more in the complete HAT field update:Hussey Oct31