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Video Crushes the Myth that Meatless Diets are Healthier


retail meatA recent brochure unveiled by the American Meat Institute Foundation highlights the benefits of including meat and poultry in the diet. Now – the American Meat Institute and the American Meat Science Association are tackling the argument that cutting meat from the diet will make it healthier in the latest video in the Meat MythCrusher series. Anna Dilger – an assistant professor at the University of Illinois – discusses the variety of nutrition benefits of meat and poultry products and their role in an overall diet. Dilger notes meat provides several essential nutrients to the diet that are difficult to make up with lots of different vegetable or fruit sources. In addition – Dilger points out that protein is a necessary part of the diet and meat and poultry are considered complete proteins. They provide all the essential amino acids needed for health.


To get all the amino acids available from meat in one meal – people would have to eat a wide variety of plant protein sources over the course of a day or several days. The video series is available online at www dot meatmythcrushers dot com (www.meatmythcrushers.com).


Source: NAFB News service