Villwock Gives an AFBF Campaign Update


Villwock Campaign update

Don Villwock-15Wednesday Don Villwock attended his last Farmers’ Day pancake breakfast as president of Indiana Farm Bureau. Will he attend the event at the Indiana State Fair a

year from now as president of the American Farm Bureau? We have to wait for the January election for that office to find out, but campaign season for Villwock and 3 other candidates running for the AFBF top spot is in full swing, and he has been busy.

“Ever since I announced the phones have been ringing and we’ve been traveling. We’ve been to Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee, I’m going to Ohio and the list goes on and on. I think the universal thing I’ve been finding is that farmers are the same not matter where you travel in the country. They’re concerned about all the over regulation we’re getting. WOTUS (Waters of the U.S.) is probably the universal number one question I get, so our members are concerned, but they’re also the solution.”

Villwock said the meetings in other states give him a chance to share his vision, “and then we always do Q&A which is my favorite part. Afterwards they want to drill down a little farther on certain issues. Some states that will be water, other states it will be endangered species, so it’s a broad array of questions and it’s kind of fun actually. So far I’ve enjoyed it.”

Villwock’s message to American Farm Bureau members is that the key to the organization is its members.

“And I really think at AFBF our number one job is to educate and empower them to give them the tools so they can step up, participate in the process. Yes, I’d like to think great leadership can move the needle on the hill, but in reality I think we all know it’s when that local member talks to his or her congressman or senator that really is the most effective lobbyist we have. So we need to do a better job of giving them the tools to be effective.”

AFBF delegates meet at the national convention on January 12, 2016 in Orlando. Electing a new president is the top priority.

“Whoever can come out with one vote over majority will be the winner. It takes 178 votes out of our delegate body. That’s one more than half and whoever gets there first will be the winner.”

He explained the low vote-getter in each round of voting will be eliminated until someone reaches the winning vote tally.

Villwock also picked up the Lt. Governor’s Indiana Agri Vision award Wednesday afternoon. He told HAT he is confident in the future leadership at Indiana Farm Bureau which is to be determined in November. HAT will outline that process next week. For more see the HAT video by tapping Web.