Don Villwock at 2015 AFBFAs the current session expired at the Indiana Statehouse, successes for farmers were noted by the president of Indiana Farm Bureau. In a statement Thursday afternoon, Don Villwock said, “The 2015 session of the Indiana General Assembly was a very successful one for Indiana Farm Bureau and its farmer members. We were able to gain significant victories in each of our four legislative priorities: farmland taxes, forced annexation, water resources and the state budget.

“These and all of our legislative successes are the direct result of an engaged and active membership. Hoosier farmers were in the Statehouse just about every day, and lawmakers heard about tax, budget and property issues directly from those who are impacted most. I want to thank our members, and the Farm Bureau lobbying team, for their tenacity and dedication during this sometimes contentious session.

“I also want to thank the members of the General Assembly for their willingness to work with Farm Bureau on these important issues, a clear recognition by lawmakers that a viable and sustainable farm sector is critical to our state’s economy and the well-being of rural Indiana.”

Source: INFB