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Vilsack Defends Biden Administration’s Stance on Ethanol and Biofuels


In a House Ag Committee hearing Thursday, agriculture secretary Tom Vilsack heard from a couple of lawmakers charging that the Biden administration has dropped support for ethanol and biofuels in favor of electric vehicles.

“I think it is very unfair to suggest that this administration has not been supportive of the biofuel industry,” Vilsack told the committee.

Vilsack fervently answered the charge with a list of pro ethanol actions, including $800 million in COVID relief to the biofuels industry.

“As well as $100 million to expand access to higher blends, the ability to have consumers have access to higher blends. 65 waivers that might have been granted in the Trump administration that were denied by this EPA. A record amount of volume for 2022 under the RFS. The grand challenge in aviation fuel to create a 36-billion-gallon industry has been launched by this administration.”

And on a personal note, Vilsack told lawmakers, “I am one of the most ardent proponents of biofuels anywhere in this country.”

Vilsack was also asked about rising input costs, nitrogen fertilizer in particular. He said there is no “silver bullet” to fix the issue and that producers will likely have to just reduce fertilizer usage this season.

Source: USDA Radio Newsline