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The Waiting Game Continues in Southern Indiana


The Waiting Game Continues in Southern Indiana


Dan Emmert

In Southwest Indiana, the waiting game continues. Cold and wet soils are keeping most growers from even getting close to planting this year. DuPont Pioneer agronomist Dan Emmert says there has not even very much field preparation done, “I only know of a few fields that have had any work done on them.  Some burndown has been done and a few with anhydrous ammonia put on, but that is about it.”

Emmert worries that, when conditions do start to improve, growers will be too anxious to get into the field, “My fear is that when the weather does begin to improve, growers will want to try and do everything at once.” He urged growers to consider plant back restrictions on herbicides and to keep anhydrous far enough away from seeds to avoid seedling injury. He added that working a field too early can lead to compaction that will hurt yields later this year. His advice it to be patient and take it slow, “Even though it feels like we are behind the gun, we still need to be cautious and wait for good conditions.”

According to the USDA weekly crop update, the statewide average temperature was 36.9 degrees, 9.9 degrees below normal. After a colder than normal March, conditions are far from ideal for planting. The statewide average precipitation total was 1.74 inches, 0.83 inches above normal. Rainfall amounts varied from 0.14 inches to 4.11 inches over the week. Soil moisture surpluses remained. There were only 0.6 days available for fieldwork for the week ending April 8.

Watch for more agronomic advice from DuPont Pioneer later this week.