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Watch For John Deere’s Colossal Combine This Fall

John Deere X9 combine at the Farm Progress Show in Decatur, IL. Photo: Ashley Davenport

John Deere’s latest combine will be easy to spot this harvest because of its color, but most notably, its size. The John Deere X9 1000 Combine made its farm show debut this week at the Farm Progress Show after it launched last year.

Nick Howerton, product marketing manager, says this is the next evolution in John Deere harvesting solutions.

“This new high-capacity combine can eat up to 7,200 bushels of corn an hour and 30 acres of beans or wheat an hour, so that’s a whole step up in productivity,” he says.

Howerton says the company has built a better mousetrap based on the S700 series, which has been around for a decade.

“We have a single rotor machine with the S700 and we made it a dual rotor machine to increase the capacity in a few areas for the X9, but we’ve been able to borrow a lot of the successes like the cab,” he says. “We’ve got a premium cabin—there’s a lot of creature features like a heated and cooled seat with massage function, and refrigerator. We brought that over to our X9. We’ve also got AI built in to that combine.”

According to Deere, the X9 is 20 percent more efficient than with the S790 combine.

“We’re trying to enable those farms that have the high yield and acres to cover it—so this is not a machine for everybody,” says Howerton.

Headed into fall, Howerton says that Deere is doing all they can to keep farmers in the fields despite supply chain disruptions.

“Like any major manufacturer that uses steel, computer chips and rubber, we’re not immune to the wide challenges that are out there,” he says. “We’re working as quickly as we can to get those resolved and to get the machines out to customers. We’re also working with our dealers to make sure that if we’re not able to do that on time, we’re working with the dealers to get the customers a solution so they get the crop out when they need to.”