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‘We Have a Pledge from Mr. Biden’ to Stop RFS Exemptions


Renewable Fuels Association President and CEO Geoff Cooper recently offered his congratulations to President-Elect Biden and says they look forward to working with his administration on issues important to the ethanol industry.

“Mr. Biden has made it clear, as he was campaigning, that should he be elected he would put a stop to the abuse at EPA of the small refinery exemption program on day one. So, we fully expect that that commitment would be upheld regardless of who is appointed as the next administrator of the EPA. You know, we’ve got a promise, we have a pledge, from Mr. Biden that he’s going to put a stop to these exemptions.”

Cooper is also looking to the future.

“Of course, we’ve got the whole question of post 2022 and where the RFS goes beyond that, but, again, we’ve heard strong statements of support from Mr. Biden with regard to the Renewable Fuel Standard and with biofuels in general. So, we feel pretty good about the future of the RFS and the future of the industry under a Biden administration.”