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Weed Control This Year for Better Control in Coming Years



Start clean and stay clean is a motto that will lead to good results if it also becomes a motto on the farm. The clean refers to weed free fields which can best be accomplished with pre-emergent herbicides layered with residual applications during the season. BASF technical marketing manager Daniel Waldstein says that approach certainly helps max out yield potential come harvest.

“But it also minimizes weed escapes, so really what we’re trying to get after there is to reduce the weed seed bank for the future. So, what we do this year has an impact on subsequent years as well,” he told HAT.

The pre-emergent application also helps improve the margin for error on post emergent applications later in the growing season. Waldstein says waterhemp and Palmer amaranth are two familiar examples.

Daniel Waldstein,

“Those weeds can grow up to an inch or two per day, so in reality if you get a few rainy days you can go from no weeds to weeds over 4 inches, which is our target height where we have best success, for inch or less. You can go through that pretty quickly and then you’re playing catchup throughout the season. So, the preemergent herbicides really give us a great opportunity to start out clean and then it gives us a better opportunity for successful weed management throughout the season.”

Waldstein says that 4-inch or less target for tackling those weeds compares to the width of a credit card. BASF is working to bring flexible products to market, and an example is Armezon PRO corn herbicide. He says it can be applied from pre-emergence all the way to 30-inch tall corn, a real advantage if it’s tough to get back in the field for post treatment during rainy periods.

Armezon PRO only needs a quarter inch of rainfall to activate, and BASF is now offering an online tool to plan your application. The website https://reliableactivation.com/ can tell you if your weed control herbicide is likely to work based on current weather models.

For the second year BASF is offering Zidua PRO for soybeans, an all-in-one-jug solution, according to Waldstein, helping farmers eliminate their cocktail mix guessing game.

Much more with Waldstein is here in the HAT interview:Daniel-Waldstein-BASF-on-HAT