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Wells Fargo Indiana Weather Forecast 3/3/2015


ecmwf_slp_precip_indy_8A sloppy mess works through the state this morning with a chance of rain, ice and snow, or all three depending on where you are at. Rain and all rain will mostly fall today south of I-70. Temps will stay warm enough there to keep liquid top of mind. From central Indiana up into the northern part of the state, we have to have a concern about ice this morning and over the far northern part of the state (still thinking north of US 30 we will see snow that changes to ice. The frozen precipitation will transition to light rain by early afternoon. In terms of totals, we look for a coating to 2 inches of snow from US 30 northward, a coating to a tenth of an inch of ice from US 30 to i-70. And then a few hundredths of an inch of rain south of 70.

ecmwf_snow_24_indy_11Tomorrow night and through Wednesday, things will be interesting along and south of I-64. The snow map at right shows the heavy snows down in KY…but we will continue to watch for accumulations in counties north of the river, and especially along the river.

Bitter cold air in behind the front. New model information shows temps in northern parts of the state may have trouble breaking the teens on Thursday…normal highs are in the mid 40s. But…if we can get through this cold push, temps moderate to near normal over the weekend.

ecmwf_t2min_indy_17Midweek next week through early the week following we will see temps normal to above normal over the entire state. This will be a head fake, with a colder push from the 20th through the end of the month and likely through the first third of April as well.


CORN Weather

Good moisture over the northern half of Argentina here through Wednesday afternoon. Then we see drier air move in to finish the week and for this weekend as high pressure is in control. The drier pattern still looks to hold next week too. Temps nearly normal. 

Scattered showers and storms now through the end of the week, then a cold front pushes north through the region from Rio Grande do Sul up into Sao Paulo this weekend into early next week. The front looks similar to yesterday’s model runs, with 1-2 inch rain totals, and a few isolated 3” spots.

Today is the day in the US Corn Belt, as light moisture moves across the northern part of the Corn Belt. Heavy moisture and snow hits areas south of the belt in the coming 36 hours…but most corn belt areas will be seeing under 2 tenths of an inch of actual moisture. We will see liquid end as rain over most of the Corn Belt as temps warm briefly this afternoon. Bitter cold air in for the rest of the week, but temps moderate this weekend. Dry weather holds through most of next week too. A big push in temps to above normal levels for the 11th-17th will lull some into thinking that the cold winter is over…but we look for a cold and stormy period to finish the month and that will try to continue into early April. 


No major changes here. Scattered rain action fills in more and more over Brazil in the days ahead as we finish the week. We still have a front working into eastern parts of the soy belt, mainly into Goias and Minas Gerais. 10 day rain totals still show at least 1-3” over all Brazil crop areas and that will keep harvest delays at the forefront of our minds.

WHEAT Weather 

Dry and cold initially over the HRW belt through Thursday. Then dry and warmer the rest of the 2 week period. In fact, temps go above normal for most of next week. Colder air reasserts itself around the 18th-19th.

Heavy snow potential comes into southern SRW areas from tomorrow night through Thursday. Snow totals could be substantial. Farther north, a little bit of moisture today, but in general, then dry and cold for the rest of the week, with moderating temps this weekend and next week.

Models continue to show 2 fronts passing over Ukraine and FSU areas through the next 10 days Moisture totals can be up to half an inch in Ukraine, but under a quarter of an inch over the rest of western Russia. Temps above normal through Thursday, then slightly cooler air is still on track to work in over the Volga region and western Kazakhstan late this week and weekend.