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Wells Fargo Indiana Weather Forecast 4/13/2015


ecmwf_slp_precip_indy_17A cold front moves across the state today and will bring some precipitation. Action is not that impressive this time around, with moisture totals from .1” to .4” max. Most of the action in the higher end of the range will be over west central parts of the state. Action will be done in most areas by mid to late afternoon, but the front slows a little bit over southern Indiana, causing moisture to linger just a bit into this evening from say US 50 southward. Temps continue to be mostly seasonal.

Dry weather settles in for tonight tomorrow and Wednesday with high pressure in control. With the evaporation rates staying in a .15”-.2” per day normal range, we may actually see a bit of net drying before the next batch of moisture comes. That front moves in on Thursday and will bring .2”-.7” of rain with coverage at about 80% of the state. The rains hold on through part of Friday before moving away.

At this point, we expect a drier weekend again, with temps normal to above. However, a strong low looks to move into the state the following Monday, and will bring some rains up to half an inch. Behind that front, a major cool down is on the way, with well below normal temps state wide for the 21st through the 23rd. The cold actually will push all the way into the deep south…meaning we should see some chilly air for a few days, and that will slow the rise in soil temps significantly.

As the cold air leaves, we see a major low pressure system moving in for the 26th-28th at least, and it could bring half to 1.5” rains with 100% coverage. While this forecast doe not look quite as wet in the short to intermediate term as perhaps we were worried about last week, it also does not give us enough to really say we will see bright “green light” conditions on planting in the remaining weeks of April. The excessive moisture in the extended period and the bitter cold around days 8-10 bring us the most concern at this time.



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