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West Central Indiana Crop Potential is Outstanding


In west central Indiana many farmers can say they have been blessed with a crop year exploding with potential after a cooler and wet start. Local field sales representative Eric Wornhoff at Specialty Hybrids says the warm weather and summer conditions have allowed corn and soybeans to catch up, and now they are ahead of the curve on crop development.

The big concern now is significant disease potential.

“Being hot and humid here in the last 3 or 4 weeks and the amount of moisture that we had there through June has really got us kind of worried about corn diseases as well as soybean diseases,” he said. Our crop potential is huge right now if we can just manage and salvage what we have in the field as far stands go. A little bit of water damage, but overall the fields right now on the corn side of things, a lot are at full silk or even hitting brown silk right now. Most soybeans that are planted in April or early May are hitting that R4 range.”

So, as is the case all over the state, in west-central Indiana spraying operations are going strong.

“We’re seeing a lot of Delaro Complete being sprayed on the corn as well as the soybeans right now.”

Wornhoff is already talking harvest prep, especially if you expect big crops.

“Go out and get that crop early,” he said. “We don’t know what these markets are going to do. We’re not seeing any risk of crop destruction or any kind of crop failure when it comes to standability and things like that, but we all know if there is a big crop out there in west central Indiana, things are going to get plugged up pretty quick if we are pushing or exceeding last year’s yield volumes.”

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