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What is Your Farm Worth?


If you haven’t been keeping an eye on farmland values recently, you might be surprised what your farm is worth.

“In the past 6 months, we’ve seen a big change in the value of farm ground,” says farm real estate broker Sara Hageman Schenk with Hageman Realty. “And it’s been because of commodities, interest rates, demand, inflation, and just a lot of tax speculations that are out there, and so that has been a common denominator of people not realizing how much their farm is worth and it’s been higher than what they thought.”

She says if you want to know what your land is worth, you need to give them a call at Hageman Realty.

“We can look and analyze that farm and share with them what the value is to our best knowledge and help them look at what that means and talk to other professionals in the industry to see how that would affect them.”

Hageman Realty’s Hinnerk Wolters says their experience as farmers, farm managers, and farm real estate brokers uniquely qualify them to help you through the process.

“We’re in it every day. We see the changes. We see the sales. We see the purchases. We’ve got a very good, solid handle on what’s happening in interest rates and in farmland values. We can really help walk someone through what does it mean to sell my farm, how do I price it correctly, how do I get it sold for the most value, and how do I make sure that the tax treatment is correct on that farm.”

Sara and Hinnerk both say that farming and farm real estate is a passion for them.

“We love people. We love building relationships. We’re so tied to the land, and it’s fun to see that land transfer and go into the right hands.”

Hageman Realty serves farmers and investors in Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Texas. They are the farmland specialists in the Midwest. Contact Sara or Hinnerk by visiting hagemanrealty.com.